DONOR RECOGNITION WALL, Long Island Children's Museum, 9/02

A 16' glass case encloses a growing collection of plexiglass cubes (now 90)
containing "seeds" contributed by significant donors for a growing museum,
Cube size related to contribution, ranging from 4" to 12".
(Some closeups below)


WEST WALL PORTRAIT GALLERY, Long Island Children's Museum, 6/02

A 50' wall at the museum holds 1,000 portraits painted by L.I. children (and a few grownups)
on weather-proofed tiles structurally attached to the side of the building.
Designed by Al jarnow, coordinated by Aimee Terzulli and fabricated by Todd Kingsley.



ROOF GARDEN SIGN, Long Island Children's Museum, 6/02

A 20' three-dimensional sign, visible from the highway approach, welcomes visitors to the Long Island Children's Museum. Deisgned by Al Jarnow and engineered and fabricated by Todd Kingsley wih additional design by Mark Samuels, the sign is lit at night from spots beneath the parapet. The illuminated lighthouse beacon rotates, the "M" changes from a formal Caslon letter to a child's drawing depending on the point-of-view.