The wide set of applications available for play on our SOFTWARE page are small excerpts from larger programs running in kiosk installations at Science and Children's Museums. The programs contain ongoing possibilities for new paths. We license and customize our existing software to meet various needs and are always seeking new challenges . . .
Kiosks and screens
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DollHouse - draw on the walls, floors, and furniture to design your own dollhouse Animation Station - a stop-motion installation for making short movies  
KaleidoDraw - make rosette patterns that go around a point . . .   SoundBox - sound games, stories and challenges  
BorderLiners - make border patterns that go on and on in a row . . .   AlphaTouch - a touch screen interface for exploration of typography  
wALLovers - make wallpapers that go on and on in all directions   Making Faces - a live video feed mixes and matches kid's faces  
KaleidoPix - a virtual kaleidoscope transforms a library of photos Byte Flight - how bits and bytes make digital pictures  
Around the World - pattern making in other lands and other times   Beach World - time lapse movies of beaches around the world  
Outside - hands-on exploration of patterns in nature   Motion Beach - time lapse recording of events in a wave tank  
Uccello - shape and design 3-D objects with a digital potter's wheel   I Fly L.I. - interactive flights above Long Island and an intro to maps  
Space Cadet - move 3-D objects from a library of shapes   L.I. Geo - the story of making Long Island and it's sandy geology  
Space Ace - draw in 3-D space and move the objects you create   Sandy Art - silicon recreations of cultural uses of sand  
SpinBall - an intro to perspective, manipulating objects in 3-D space   Terraforms - a duet for computer
and sandbox
arKIDtect - a suite of interactives provide an introduction to architecture   Makamah - a document of a beach in transition