MuseumWare Around the World © Al Jarnow, 2002

The ways in which various cultures have used patterns to create beauty, find order in the universe and follow their imaginations is incredibly diverse. Around the World software offers museum visitors an opportunity to explore patterns in different places and other times. Twenty applications open from a map interface providing drawing tools (driven by symmetry making programming), background information, visual examples and libraries.

The software is continuing to evolve. In its current form Around the World is running at the Long Island Children's Museum. We are seeking a museum to support the growth of the program with funding and institutional resources.

Included now are:
Pysanky Eggs / LaceMaker / Magic Cupboard / KenteCloth / Mandala / Matryoshka / SandPainting / PlateMaker / Betsy's Quilt / RhythMachine / Magic Carpet / HexTiler / Tartan / TotemPole / VaseMaker / Wampum / Basket / FanFold

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Some web-sized applications on our SOFTWARE page demonstate the magic and simple interface design of ProtoZone's interactives.