MuseumWare KaleidoDraw © Al Jarnow, 2002
KaleidoDraw makes magical ROSETTE PATTERNS.
Introduce your young visitors to the ART & SCIENCE of SYMMETRY.
The FUN program draws in grandparents with its intuitive interface,
is simple enough for a three year old and complex enough with nearly INFINITE possibilities
to fascinate kids AGES 3 to 100. You'll be making MAGICAL MASTERPIECES within seconds.

KaleidoDraw is the first of our programs to become AVAILABLE
for both Macs and Windows in a home version that saves and prints (and quits)
All of our customized museum software installations are stand-alone applications
that offer museum visitors NO access to the computer desktop.
Versions are installed in Pattern Studio at the Long Island Children's Museum, Pattern Wizardry at the Brooklyn Children's Museum and Pattern Pod at the National Museum of Science and Industry (London) - where it projects on a wall and visible from the whole new Wellcome Wing. KaleidoDraw is now travelling the Canada and the United States in Pattern Wizardry, an exhibit funded by the National Science Foundation.