MuseumWare MAKAMAH © Al Jarnow, 2002
Makamah / amok
place of oozing clay.
remains of lndian Hills:
the country club above
slowly slides into the Sound.
silent golf balls lay
amid the rocks below
where stone and artifact
wash in rising tide.

Makamah Beach washes into the Sound from Long Isand's north shore. Thirty years of bulwarks have tried to stem the tide. I've been shooting here for fifteen years, first because the wasted landscape brought me back to desert badlands and taught me much about Long Island's glacial geology. Then because the travesty of erosion control seemed like a powerful symbolic metaphor. But much too real. So Makamah continues as a software document. The struggle to find beauty here has become more of a challenge. Even more of a reason to continue . . .

As server space allows, Makamah may find itself migrating to the web. For now, a small piece called Deities is available in ShockWave format.