MuseumWare Motion Beach & Beach World © Al Jarnow, 2002
MOTION BEACH , installed in "Sandy Island" gallery at the Long Island Children's Museum, is a hands-on laboratory in which kids and grownups can experiment with the dynamic relationships of waves and sandy shorelines. At one end of a 12' x 12' tank, kids fortify the shoreline with a variety of devices: jetties, groins, bulldozers, scrapers, seawalls, bulkheads, breakfronts, sand walls, trenches, etc. Small houses placed or implanted (with stilts) provide another challenge and a sense of scale. At the other end of the tank, "waveMakers" augment a slow steady motor produced wave train. Their goal: to alter the beach. A frame-grabbing computer continuously records time-lapse movies of the events taking place in the tank, playing back the last hour. The action is controlled by the user and makes visible some of the dynamic transformations within the tank.
BEACH WORLD, a second computer installation paired with the wave tank, offers a library of time-lapse movies showing changes in real-world beaches. Another section of the program provides interactive screens describing the dynamics of waves and sandy shorelines.