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Actually, KaleidoDraw is so simple to use, nobody has asked any questions yet. But we're always here to help. Take a look on the list below to see if your question is answered. Or email us for more info at

KaleidoDraw runs on Windows 98 & up and Mac PPCs running OS X or System 9. We haven't conclusively tested Leopard yet so please stay tuned.

Please note the automatic installer will not work under Vista.
How to Load ProtoZone Software in a Vista operating system.
Insert CD into drive
To load program:
Click on START > COMPUTER > CD or DVD > Click on ProtoZone Icon to install
When prompted, agree to install. This will install the program and put a start icon on your desktop. Double click the icon to start the program.

If you've already purchased KaleidoDraw and have lost your instruction manual (on the inside cover of the CD jacket), click
HERE for help with installing and uninstalling.

Pictures that you save in KaleidoDraw are stored in the KaleidoDraw folder on your computer. They can be opened with other programs for e-mailing and anything else you can think of. Avoiding the potential of disk clutter, we chose to limit the number of saved pictures within the program to 10. When you've saved more than that amount, you'll be asked to replace an earlier picture. On Windows the pictures are named "kPix01 > kPix10.bmp. On Macs, the pictures are named kPix01 > kPix10.pict. Drag them into other applications or open by doing a search from within another application. Save the pictures to a different location.

The results you get will depend on your printer and the kind of paper you use. Photo quality glossy and matte produce very nice pictures. You can also print on iron-on transfer paper to decorate t-shirts, etc. KaleidoDraw will open your printer "driver" where you'll be asked to go ahead and print or change various settings. See your printer manual for more help.

Attach your pictures to the note you'd like to send. Do a search for "kPix" when you try to locate the picture. All of your saved pictures are stored in the KaleidoDraw folder on your hard drive.

Yes. ProtoZone has been developing software for Children's Museums around the world. And now our software is available for computers at home with cross-platform capability along with printing and saving functions.